Pure Ohio maple syrup - start the day right!


Generations of Sweetness

Our family made maple syrup in Ohio for over 35 years and continues to provide pure maple syrup now. Once you experience the taste of pure natural maple syrup, the processed stuff off the shelf won’t cut it. 

Thank you for your support of a family-run small business.  You are truly appreciated here at Dohner Maple Products.  We look forward to supplying all your maple syrup and specialty maple products needs today and for years to come..  Visit us in-person in Vandalia, OH, at 2nd St. Market in Dayton, OH, or any of our external events posted on our Hours & Events page.


Our classic bottles are filled with pure grade A maple syrup – delicious!

A glass bottle really reflects the quality of our syrup, and makes a great gift!

Maple syrup can be transformed into candy and more!

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